Taming Firenze: “One Only Understands the Things That One Tames”

As many college students before me, especially those at Kent State, I recently picked up my entire life and moved to Firenze (Florence), Italy, for a whole semester. In other words, I will be spending January, 2017 to May, 2017, studying in Italy and traveling across Europe.

After spending three weeks last summer in an  immersion program at Sichuan University in Chengdu, China, I could not be more excited to continue exploring the vast and complex world in which all of us are living. My last study abroad experience changed my world view for the better. I have been known to say my decision to go to China was the wisest decision I’ve ever made. I predict that my decision to go to Florence will be equally as crucial to my emotional an intellectual growth.

In this blog series “Taming Firenze” I will document my day to day experiences, including people I meet, food I eat and places I see. I will also attach one or more photographs to each post and an occasional helpful hint for studying abroad in a strange country.

My instructor, Fabio, welcomed us to this beautiful city with an excerpt from one of my favorite books, “The Little Prince.”As the fox and the Little Prince meet and part, they understand the beauty and the pain of taming the things that they love. “One only understands the things that one tames,”says the fox. Fabio wished us only one outcome of our semester abroad: “I hope that Florence tames you and that you tame Florence.”

Well, Florence, here I am. And here we go.



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