Taming Firenze: Trump Europe

There’s something very odd about being away from your home country during such a tumultuous shift in power. Watching policy changes, scandals and shake ups, you feel impacted yet removed, affected yet unaffected. For the past few months, I’ve been an outsider looking in, feeling confused and helpless 4,500 miles away from home.

With Trump’s first 100 days in office and my return to America looming not-so-far in the distance, I realized that I have not yet stepped foot in Trump’s America – that when I left The Land of the Free, I was in Obama’s America. And I can’t be sure what I’m coming back to.

While I have yet to see Trump’s America, I have become extremely well-versed in Trump’s Europe.

The status “American” has become less of a badge of honor and more of a Scarlett letter (the letter “T” to be exact – often seen plastered in large type on the faces of towering sky scrapers). The first remark out of every European’s mouth when they find out I’m American is simply “Trump!”

The most recent Gallup Poll has Trump’s approval rating at 41%. Based on my observations of this diverse continent across the pond, Europeans don’t think too highly of him either.

The following photos are of Trump sightings throughout Europe. They do not necessarily reflect my thoughts, I’m just documenting images that I have seen. Warning: some of these photos are a little bit more PG-13 than others.








It’s strange to see the way Europeans perceive Trump. Many people here have yelled at me and even blamed me for for what’s happening in my country.

Whether or not Europeans are correct in their hatred of Trump is not for me to decide. But when the president of the nation you call home is so widely demonized across continents, maybe they know something we don’t.

The reach of our country is far; its power unparalleled. When we act, the world watches. It might be time to pay attention to what the world is saying and collectively change our behavior before it’s too late.


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